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Go Away p.e. Essay

  • Submitted by: psasstudent13
  • on May 22, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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To whom this may concern,

      Sweaty clothes and bruised egos is all physical education (P.E.) brings about, because it’s surely not physical fitness. So what’s the point of making it a graduation requirement? It’s not fair to the students that don’t have a physical fitness problem. Also, it will make it hard for students to decide between subjects that they need and the electives they love. Lastly, it will force students to do something they don’t want to do which may cause behavioral issue. These are the reasons P.E. should stay as a at your own discretion subject.
      Say a student plays for a sports team after school, but simply chooses not to take P.E. that year. Why the student should be required to take P.E. when he/she already gets his/her daily exercise. I understand physical fitness is to help out the not so fit students, but what about all the students that are already an athlete. Shouldn’t they have a choice in rather they want to work out twice a day then go home and be so tired that they are unable to even do their homework. Because at the end of the day that’s what school is about, education, right?
      If you make P.E. a requirement every year the students nay find it hard to get electives that they enjoy. Myself as a student I enjoy both Journalism and Chorus and if I were required to take P.E. then I would have to decide between the two. And seeing how I consider both a future career option, who should I have to take P.E., in which I don’t think I will make a future out of. I don’t see where P.E. is become more of a necessity then academics and performing arts and it wont be fair in the future if it does. I mean we’re a school not a work out group.
      When students are being force to do something they often protest in a unhealthy manner. They may sometimes even commit violent acts. I’m not saying that that will be story, but if you make the students go to P.E. every year because of your unethical concerns I wouldn’t hold it pass...

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