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Go Ask Alice In the book Go ask Alice, Alice, the main character is a teenaged female who struggles with peer pressure and popularity and falls to drugs and alcohol abuse. Alice is a typical adolescent whose insecurities about sex, her appearance, her parents, and her social standing are pretty common for people her age. In the book Alice tries to express herself in many entries of varying sizes in her diary, which makes up the book. She tries to find someone who will understand her, someone she can open up to, and dives into the world of drugs in the process. Her drug habit started as an accident however. While at a party, he given a drink that had been laced with LSD, which began her vicious downward spiral. After her first usage of drugs, which was accidental, she begins using more drugs, but willingly. Which sends her on the soul rending experience the book is about. As I stated before, Alice is desperately trying to just fit in. She also has many not so good experiences with men in the book. Alice has had a string of lovers and boyfriends, all of whom have abandoned her, or have betrayed her in one way or another. Which has more than likely made Alice feel that all men are likely only with her for drugs and/or to get on the insides of her pants. In real life this would probably turn someone into a recluse, or a lesbian. Alice has a very ineffective way of dealing with her problems. Sometimes, she just ignores it and carries on, and other times she tries to forgive herself and forget what happened. But when she finally gets back with her parents, she doesn’t tell them about her drug problem. To deal with her problems, Alice ignores them, she buries them deep and forgets them. This may or may not work to an extent but sooner or later her problems will resurface and torment her. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that Alice’s

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