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The book “Go go ask Alice” is by an anonymous teenage girl who is addicted to all kinds of drugs. The book was published on July 1998. This story is basically about a girl who keeps a journal for 2 years. She has a very low self esteem and doesn’t have many friends. Her parents decide to move to a knew town where she feels even more alone before. So for summer she returns to her hometown to spend all summer with her grandma. During her vacation she is invited to a party where she is unwittingly served LSD in her drink and that’s where it all begins. Alice is a very shy and insecure girl. She feels alone in the world and turns to drugs to make her feel better. Alice doesn’t get along with her parents because she feels like there always trying to control her. In the book she runs away with her best friend Chris a couple times because she was to feel more independent. They run away to San Fransico and start working in a boutique. While she is there, her and Chris are introduce to Heroin and are both raped by their boss Shelia and her boyfriend. This really upsets Alice so she decides to return home. She decides to quit drugs but its not easy. She decides to check herself in to psychiatric hospital after she had a bad trip where she was really injured. When she returns home she promises to stop doing drugs so she gets her life back on track and after that she decides to stop with the diary entries. What this book taught me was that we don’t have best society because the reason Alice became a drug addicted was because she left alone and didn’t feel pretty enough. In the book she dated a drug dealer who was just using her to sell drugs for him. She also gets rapped and drugged by her boss and I think this shows how corrupted our society is now a days. Im sure a lot of teenager go through this kind of stuff every day and don’t do anything about

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