Gnt1 Task 2

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The Nursing Care for Mr. Trosack A1a. The patient, Mr. Trosack, has numerous healthcare problems that the case manager should look over and address when planning to discharge him home. The patient is in jeopardy of falls due to his hip replacement, a cluttered environment, the essential use of a walker, rugs, and not complying with the directions of not using the stairs all the time. The patient will need continuous teaching to make sure that he is following the directions of the many prescriptions he is prescribed to because it could be harmful to Mr. Trosack’s body because he could overdose on the medications. He lives alone, so he will have to be the one held accountable for taking his medications and eating a diabetic diet so that he can be healthy. He will also have to watch his blood sugars to keep his diabetes under control and pressure at home as well. His son says that his father, Mr. Trosack, will not need any help nor needs a schedule when to take his medications. The nurse will have to work with a team to find and make the most suitable discharge plan for the patient and to make the services that is needed to make sure he can live safely at home alone with no problems or help. A patient cannot be discharged to a home or place that is unsafe for the patient to be around. Since he has limited mobility, he has a high chance of falling with no one around to help until a member of his family or a housekeeper would find him on the floor. A1b. The team that will take care of the patients discharge would be the case manager, the dietician, the pharmacist, primary nurse, physical therapist, and physician. A2. The case manager will go to the home and test to see if the home is safe enough to live there for the patient alone. The case manager will also have an interview with the family and give suggested ways they can help to the patient. The dietician

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