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3 Negative Issues 1. We do not require labeling of GMO foods. 2. People in charge have major influence to FDA because they use to be in charge of those companies. People are given jobs where they can be biased due to previous jobs. They will be head of Monsanto then the Head of the FDA then VP of Monsanto. 3. Studies are not properly done. 3 Goals 1. Require labeling of GMO foods 2. Make it so that people who worked as high positions of companies, not be allowed to in Government positions. 3. Make it so that the FDA must document proof of what studies they do, so that companies can not provide the studies for the FDA (they are corrupted studies.) Reasoning 1. Labeling of GMO foods is not absurd. We are one of the very few countries that do not require food labeling. In Australia, Russia, China, UK all requires some sort of labeling. 64 countries in the world do, yet the US requires no labeling at all. Considering that 80 to 90 percent of people said that they would not buy GMO products if they were labeled, this would hurt companies like Monsanto. 2. The people have no power. Our government has no power. People with money have the power. They do what they want; they get people to do what they want. 3. Companies come to the FDA saying that their product does x and its effects is y, but in reality the product does g and its effects are harmful, to different degrees. For example, GMO is reason for a long list of things but they told the FDA that it is no different than any natural grown food. 3 Strategies to Accomplish Goals -Educate- by making ads or short documentaries that will be shared via social media -Protest -If everyone knows about all the negative effects of GMOs it would sure start rallies. If we can’t get the people in government to speak for the people, then we the people must speak in ways we know how to. We must do

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