Gmo's Are Bad Essay

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Running head: PROBLEMS GMOs 1 Problems with GMOs Adam Haid CGW4U Mr. Lloyd January 7,2011 PROBLEMS GMOS 2 Problems with GMOs GMO is an acronym for Genetically Modified Organism which means that the genetic characteristics of an organism have been altered by the insertion of a modified gene which usually increases the yield of that crop. GMOs have been around since as early as 1900; however it wasn’t until the late 1980’s early 90’s that crops became legal to sell for commercial use. Surprisingly no long term tests had been done on the effects of GMOs before their release. Even to this day there are no mandatory laws on the labeling of foods containing GMOs, except for a few countries. Although there are many concerns with GMOs, the most concerning issues are the ill effects on the environment, the risks to human health and economic concerns globally. GMOs harm the environment greatly, but not just one area of the environment it harms a number of different things, such as animals/ insects, plants and soil. The monarch butterfly is an example of an insect greatly affected by GMOs, particularly GM corn. Although they don’t eat or pollinate corn, some scientists believe the pollen could easily blow from a corn field to milkweed plants which monarchs do eat. ( A study was conducted by a scientist named Mr. Losey which used two groups of monarch butterfly caterpillars to find out whether bt corn pollen is safe. Group one ate milkweed leaves dusted with bt pollen, bt is a type of GMO. This pollen comes from a GM corn crop and group two ate milkweed leaves dusted with non GM corn pollen. The study concluded that after four days half of the butterflies eating bt pollen leaves died and the 2nd group had no deaths. (cls) This study shows that bt corn pollen is toxic and could extinct the monarch butterfly population. However,

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