Gmo Issue Essay

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Given the social, political and environment impact this decision will have, Mr. Ilagan was in a dilemma what decision to take on the GMO issue. He had the scientist community to contend on one side who in the past have also made some excellent discoveries and activists on the other hand. As public sentiment on this topic was so strong, he was unsure what stand to take. The ban was looked upon as a very obvious decision to take by the larger public. The scientists, however were appalled by the response from liberals who in the past had supported scientists discoveries. The scarcity of data and ignorance on the subject of GMOs were the largest issues facing Mr. Ilagan. The GMO critics had begun believing that the people who opposed the ban were more concerned about the large biotech corporations than the benefits of GMOs. One of the biggest benefits of GMOs was the modified variety of papaya which had benefited the public at large. Thus scientists felt that GMOs should not be banned. Ms. Wille on the other hand strongly opposed the ban. Her contention was that farmers would start getting dependent on large corporations if GMOs increased their presence on the island. The public was also encouraged by popular media like talk shows not to consume GMOs. Residents of the island had mixed opinions. A few felt GMOs could be the solution for the diseases inflicted on their crops. Others, including food activists and entrepreneurs believed it was bad for human health and their business. Mr. Ilagan however had read through various claims on GMOs and had begun to verify the authenticity of claims of those wanting a ban on GMOs. He believed that people were quoting incorrect examples like the farmers suicides in India to get their point across. He was of the opinion that correlation was confused with causation at the cost of proving one’s point. I believe that Mr.Ilagan decided

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