Gmo (Genetically Modified Food) Essay

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Food is not what it used to be. With the help of new and progressive technologies, especially in genetic engineering, Farmers and scientist changed the way food is grown, made and even how food looks, raising tons of questions on how safe is this food on our health and economy. To better understand the controversy over GMF it is important to understand what they are exactly. According to (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) it is “a special set of technologies that alter the genetic makeup of organisms such as animals, plants, or bacteria” Naturally when these organisms are found they come with lost of undesired effect, genetical modification allows getting rid or reduction of those effects, On the other hand it has been said that some GMF types have got some health effects on health, however the focus is on why GMF food should be used on regular basis and how it will not affect the health, economy and the environment. It is claimed that GMF affects the health of the consumer leading to death as said by (Barksick, 1994) “ if you put a label on genetically modified food you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it” Due to that the FDA (US food and development administration) requires GMF to be labeled by that they can assure the safety of the consumer, In fact all genetically modified type of food found in the market shelves is considered to be safe as their traditional counterparts and are generally unregulated (FDA Website), In addition to that lots of the genetically modified food found in the market today such as Corn and Soybeans are consumed on daily bases without harming the consumer or affecting his health. It has been argued by lots of anti-GMOs (People against Genetical modification) that Genetically Modified Food will affect the economy those effects range from raising the price of the seeds to companies controlling over 40% of the market
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