Gmo Ethics Essay

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According to Desjardins (2013) Inherent, or intrinsic value, is when an object or organism is valued in itself and not just for its uses. “We value them for themselves, for what they mean, for what they stand for, and for what they are, not for how they are used.”(p. 131). If life, in itself, is inherently valuable how do we view life that is created in a lab for human use? Is this life just as valuable as a life that is created by nature? The purpose of life is to get to the end through growth, development, sustenance, and propagation. ( Desjardins , 2013). If lab created life cannot propagate does this mean that it has no value? Biocentrism is the view that all life has intrinsic value however, it does not make the distinction between natural life and synthetic life. Desjardins (2013) suggests that life has intrinsic value in itself because it is not valued simply for its uses. Life is good on its own and the good is not dependent on other factors. The value is something that is recognized, not given. Life has intrinsic value because it is recognized morally, spiritually, symbolically, aesthetically, or even spiritually. In the biocentric outlook on life there are several ideas on what makes an organism valuable, one of which I believe genetically modified organisms do not go by. According to (n.d.) “Though concepts of free will, autonomy and social or political freedom apply only to humans, there is a fourth type of freedom which is of a great importance to any organism’s realization of its good. This sense of freedom is absence of constraint. Constraints may be positive or negative, internal or external. An organism is free if it has the ability and opportunity to promote or protect its good according to the laws of nature.” (Sketch of Biocentric Outlook).

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