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GMO GMO is a system which scientist genetically alter an organism (wikipedia 2009). The GMO can be very efficient and helpful as it will allow crops to be better efficient and drought resistant along with providing some medical advantages(Minkel, J.R 2007). The scientist were able to pull this off by working with the chromosome and genetically altering its DNA, so it was able to pass it on too its off spring (Minkel, J.R 2007). This would allow scientist to “stack” as many as ten beneficial genes to the crops(Minkel, J.R 2007). The way stacking was previously done was they would randomly inject a gene which could disrupt other genes which would be a lot less efficient (Minkel, J.R 2007). This would take a lot more time and they would only be able to stack five genes into the crop (Minkel, J.R 2007). There have been some crops that have already been genetically enhanced one of which is corn. Some corn has been genetically enhanced so that it already has a built in repellent against bugs and other organisms( The corn already has the repellent built in it, so farmers do not need to spray the fields anymore. Another crop that has been genetically enhanced is golden rice. The golden rice is genetically enhanced so that it has more vitamin A, which is extremely valuable for poor countries throughout the world( This rice would a cheaper and healthier alternative for poorer people to receive vitamin A. Another crop that has been genetically enhanced is the sweet tomato. These tomatoes had a gene put in them that would allow them to not rot as quickly ( This would be very helpful for farmers because there products would last much longer and become more efficient. With these examples we have seen some benefits of GMO. The first is a crop that has better repellent to insects. The next are crops that

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