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In January 2000, an international trade agreement for labeling GMO's “genetically modified organisms,” was established. It required that international food exporters label all genetically modified foods in order to allow a country to decide if they would receive the food or reject it. More than 130 countries, including the US, signed the agreement. However, it's up to the individual country to decide whether or not to label products made with GMOs after they are imported from another place of origin. But the FDA has not any long term health concerns from humans consuming any GMOs but, they are not entirely sure because more research needs to be done in this area but come can voluntarily label their products. Without labels it's hard for customers to make educated choices about what and what not to eat. In countries like Japan,France and Australia they require GMOs to be label which I think is great because they Customers know what they are eating. So now it comes done to the question that is sparking debate all accords the U.S, Should Genetically Modified Organisms be labeled? I think that GMOs should be labeled because if you may or may not know McDonald restaurants in the United States the fatty parts of beef are “washed” in ammonium hydroxide and used in the filling of the burger. Before this process, the food is deemed unfit for human consumption. The reason McDonalds restaurants do this in the United States is because there are no laws preventing them from adding chemicals to their foods. Not only that but ammonium hydroxide is harmful to human health if Consumed on a daily basis it could be fatal. Another reason why I think GMOs should come with labels is because it could one day kill somebody. There was a documentary called Fat,Sick,And Nearly Dead. This documentary was about a man who had perfect health but started eating fast food everyday for

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