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Week 9 Case Analysis Utiliscan’s By: Tenika Carroll Wednesday March 3, 2010 Dr. Kimberly Scanlan Utiliscan has experienced a growth rate in company business. The HR director and the company CEO’s have been having a very hard time trying to find experienced employees and also address the current issues within the Utiliscan. So Paul the current Director of HR has just learned of a new opportunity and has decided to leave the company, but before he left he conducted a survey on some of the employee concerns. Once the survey was completed, Paul was asked to complete a conceptual plan that would address the employees concerns and stay within the companies’ budget. Throughout the case analysis Paul will address each of the employees concerns based on the survey results and what can be done to change the minds of the employees and keep the employees focused on company business to increase the growth rate of Utiliscan’s business. The survey was conducted on several different company issues based on the opinions of the employees such as performance evaluations, company benefits, rate of pay, company safety, employee training, and workloads. The company budget has been stretched, due to the continuing growth of the company this plan will address each issue and it will be done in the proper manner under the company’s budget. The first survey results are as follows: 70% of the Utiliscan’s employees stated that their workload was adequate – not too heavy, not too light. Due to the recent growth in the Utiliscan the employees have not yet experienced much of the new business yet, which in return is going to increase their workload. To prevent this from happening at the company can began to run a job fair to attempt to hire qualified employees that can keep the workload at a consensus. Utiliscan can also update the employee description, just in case the

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