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WHAT IS THE SITUATION NOW? Genetically modified foods available, or about to appear, in U.S. markets include tomatoes, squash, yeast, corn, potatoes, and soybeans (which are used in 60% of all processed foods, such as bread, pasta, candies, ice cream, pies, biscuits, margarine, meat products and vegetarian meat substitutes). Genetically modified organisms are also used to produce cheeses and canola oil. But this is just the beginning. In a few years it may be almost impossible to find natural food. The food industry and government appear to be complacent. They assume that these new foods are not substantially different from existing foods and pose no special risks. But this assumption is wrong and dangerous. The radical changes being made by biotechnologists could never happen in nature, and have already caused toxic side-effects. Current regulations require only minimal safety testing for some foods, and none at all for others. In no case do regulations require evaluation of long term impacts on health. Most genetically modified foods will not be labelled. Under present regulations manufacturers are already introducing genetically modified ingredients into many processed foods without informing consumers. The government is ignoring the wishes of the public. Surveys consistently find that 85-90% of consumers want clear labelling of all genetically engineered foods. By:John B. Fagan, Ph.D. I have read many articles saying about the bad effects that the genetic engineering can do. As for at the first look of the GMF it seems to be the great idea to solve food crisis and food that are easily rotten and it benefits the consumer and producer in terms of money; and as what I had said in my previous blog that if we really look deeper and examine GMF we will know that it could bring bad effect to a humans body or to the other living things. So as I continue

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