Gm Bailout Essay

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3. In your view should the GM bailout have been done? Yes. In my opinion, GM bailout should be done. This is because GM does not have other choice, so GM need government bailout and only government bailout loan could save it. Due to the risk of bankruptcy was growing daily, the bank refuse to loan GM company money, GM will bankrupt if GM does not get the bailout loan from government. Therefore, the bailout is the only way to save GM Company. Although at last GM fill for bankruptcy, but before that government will provide fund to the company through Trouble Asset Relief Program (TARP). Without TARP, GM company will out of business, many people will lost their job, then many families will loss income for daily expenses; the company like auto part supplier who depend on GM in business also will go bankruptcy; this will bring a big implication to economic. Besides that, GM pays a high pension pay for their worker for the use when they retire, if company do not ask the bailout from government, the company will bankrupt. This will led to the pension money for pensioner cut down. After the bailout from President Obama, GM had hired more workers, the sales of vehicle also increased and US economy also shown growth. All these reasons show that GM bailout should be done to ensure the economy would not turndown. Was the bailout ethical in terms of utilitarianism, justice, rights, and caring? From the perspective of utilitarian, utilitarian is emphasizing on the basis of the costs and benefits that will impose on society. This means that the morally right action in any situation is that whose utility is greatest by comparison to the utility of all other alternatives. In my point of view, I think that GM bailout is ethical in term of utilitarianism. This is because the benefits that bring from the bailout are more than GM goes through traditional bankruptcy. The

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