Gluten - Is It Bad for You? Essay

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Gluten – is it really bad for you? Well thankfully I did have some knowledge on the topic, ie the immune system reacts abnormally to gluten (a protein found in some grains) causing small bowel damage, with the only known “cure” being a gluten-free diet. Was my knowledge current though and according to Piaget’s constructivist approach, could I build on it (Halpenny, A. M., & Pettersen, J. 2013)? I commenced to look for the latest findings on coeliac disease in Australia and this meant that I needed a reliable informational website so I chose Coeliac Australia ( As the organisation consisted of a group of Australia’s leading gastroenterologists, coeliac disease researchers, immunologists, dietitians and medical practitioners I felt confident that the information would be both up to date and accurate (Metzger 2007). It turned out that my knowledge of coeliac disease was correct, so unarguably, gluten was bad for those people. What about the others though - the “self-professed” gluten sensitive ones (referred to as NCGS – non coeliac gluten sensitivity)? There was a section on the coeliac website under “NCGS”. However, considering this was predominantly a website for “coeliacs” could I trust that the information for “non-coeliacs” would be up to date? Well, like I suspected, there wasn’t a lot of recent information from the experts in the field on NCGS. This taught me that even if an online source is reliable as in the case of Coeliac Australia, unless the information is regularly updated, it cannot be relied upon to be accurate. In this instance, although the experts admitted to a set of symptoms which could be attributed to a diet of gluten in non coeliacs, the actual cause and treatment was not very well understood with the only link being to a study done back in April, 2013 as a possible explanation (Gastrojournal 2013). Could a more

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