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Metalanguage Metalanguage | Definition | Example | Metaphor | Comparison of 2 things by saying one IS the other | “Education if the blood of this country’s existence” | Alliteratoin | Repetition of consonants at the beginning of a word | “Big Black Box” | Assonance | Repetition of vowel sounds withing words that are close totgether | “All is seared with trade; bleared, smeared with toil” | Dialogue | A conversation between 2 or more people. | Joe: “Hi Mary”Mary: “Hi Joe” | Verb | An action word | Jump, sing, dance | Noun | A person, place or thing | Marianne, Sydney, piano | Adjective | A word that describes a noun | Big, blue, thin, long | Conjunction | A word that joins words, phrases or seneences together | But, because, however | Prefix | A word or syllable joined to the front of a word to add to or change its meaning | Disorder, outstretched, unhappy | Suffix | A word or syllable joined to the end of a word to add to or change its meaning | Forgetful, rusty, singing | Compound sentence | A sentence containing a phrase or another sentence within it, joined by a conjunction | I wanted to practice piano today but I had so much work to do. | Full stop | Indicates the end of a sentence. | . | Comma | Indicates a pause in a sentence, can be used for listing | , | Pronoun | A word used instead of a noun | His, she, it, hers, our, | Plural | Something which is more than one | Dogs, cats | Semicolon | A punctuation mark used to mark a break that is more than that marked by a comma | ; | Racial profiling | The practice of substituting skin colour for evidence as grounds for suspicion. | | Mutual | Experienced or done by each of two or more parties toward the other or other; Having the same specified relationship to each other | | Resolution | Being resolute; something you have resolved to do; a formal decision made; the solving

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