Glory of War Essay

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The Horrible Glory of War War is something that has plagued our world ever since man began walking on the earth. Throughout history man has employed various tactics to use to defeat one’s enemy. From the sword, to catapults, to guns, and now atomic bombs man has slowly developed his killing ability. But to what end we may never know. There has never been peace on earth yet wars are fought trying to keep the peace. People have lost their lives defending their rights or taking someone’s rights for the greater good. However it seems that war is not the solution to peace. Knowing this, I feel that we should withdraw from Vietnam. Having fought the Japanese in World War II, I know all too well how ruthless and exhausting a war Vietnam can be because its environment is not much different from that of the islands in the Pacific. The tactics that the Vietnamese employ is very similar to what the Japanese used when fighting in World War II. “War is brutish, inglorious, and a terrible waste.” (315) It is something that damages people mentally and physically. Yes, there is glory in war, but there is also sacrifice and the loss of many great people. Not all aspects of war are bad, there is one area that people gain from war. That is that war is something that unites people under a particular banner. We saw it when; the Persians invaded the Greeks, the Romans assaulted the Germanic tribes, and when the Japanese attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor. Our whole country joined together to fight a foe that had caused us harm. The United States came out of an economic recession because of war and the supplies needed to fund a war. This was certainly a good aspect for us all. War not only united our great nation, but it also helped soldiers, personally myself, develop strong relationships with our fellow soldiers. I was a member of the Marine Corps during World War II,

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