Glory Film Analysis

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Cory Neidert 134# Film Response: Glory The essential vision of this film was to give the story of the 54th Massachusetts volunteer infantry and to show their struggles as one of the nation’s first all-black infantries. The story is told in the perspective of their colonel Robert Gould Shaw. It explains their strugglesof all the men and their Colonel to be accepted as equals in the military. The film’s opening scene starts off with a bang as a tree is hit with canon ball fire. It continues as it shows Colonel Shaw leading a group of men into the Battle of Antietam. For a second he gazes up to the sky to see a beautiful sun that is soon taken away by the smoke of cannon ball fire and muskets. The beginning persists in multiple scenes of…show more content…
The scene opens with Trip being escorted into the grounds after an attempted desertion. He is shackled and cuffed almost reminiscent of a slave. The drums are pounding as he attempts to march in, while others nervously look on. Mulcahy stops escorting him in and walks over and tells Colonel Shaw of the rules if somebody tries to escape. They must be flogged. Upon hearing this Major Cabot Forbes is disgusted and reacts by denouncing the action of using a whip. Showing his leadership Shaw supports the flogging and tells his friend of many years Major Cabot to never question is authority causing a shrift between them, after a few exchanges of words the flogging begins. This is the point of the film where friends of Colonel Shaw are confused by his actions and are confused why he is behaving in way that he has not before in a more mean spirited and somewhat racist way. There also seems to be a conflict going on within himself. After hearing the news of the approval Sergeant Mulcahy strips the shirt off of Trip exposing his scars on his back from previous floggings following this Trip pulls the rest of his shirt off with angst and a facial expression of pure disgust for what the Colonel is doing. A slow dismal soundtrack starts at this point directing the emotions for the scene. A number of close ups start here to show emotion and expression on the faces of the two men. Trip chooses to fixate on Colonel Shaw and show no emotion but one single tear as Colonel Robert show looks on with a stern but also questioning look on his face. This scene is truly powerful because it shows the strength of Trip as a character in the film and is also the plateau of development for Colonel Shaw as a tough and strict
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