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Johnny Wong Hist 120 Mark Sigmon Summer 2012 Final Essay Topic #1 The movie Glory is an interesting movie during the American Civil War. My favorite character is Thomas Searles. In the beginning of the film, Captain Robert Gould Shaw lead the Union soldiers in a attack on the Confederates during the Battle of Antietam, but he ends up becoming wounded and loses consciousness. When he was brought back to the hospital and promoted to Colonel, he was given command of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. This is when Thomas Searles, an educated African American friend of Robert Gould Shaw decided to take the lead and become the first volunteer soldier to join the regiment. Thomas Searles’s contribution led to many other African American slaves as well as freed men to join as well. During the attack of the Confederates, the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry was able to hold them off. Unfortunately Thomas Searles dies but he was one of the most important people Robert Gould Shaw looks up to. I feel that Thomas Searles’s character is very heroic in a way, as he is fighting with his life for freedom. This movie should definitely be used again next semester. The American Civil War was about the fight for freedom of slaves. This is important to know because if that war never happened, slavery may still exist. Slavery is cruel and something had to be done. The African Americans fighting in the movie have decided to risk their lives in order to achieve freedom that they have hoped for. What the men of the 54th to “ante up and kick in” means is that the soldiers are fighting regardless of what they’re feeling at that moment and instead to fight for the greater good of their country despite obstacles they encounter. The soldiers knew they were going encounter bad situations, yet they decide to risk their lives. They were willing to do everything they could to

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