Glorifying Serial Killers

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Unit 4: The 'Less Dead' and Glorification of Serial Killers - Written Assignment There are numerous questions associated with serial murder investigation that bring about criticism, public and media pressure. I am going to start with the media. The media over glorifies everything on TV or in the news paper. I think that the media could start high panic in the community that could be harmful to others and hinder the investigation. Sometimes there are sick people out there that would do what is called a copy cat murder. If someone out in the world were not right in the head and was watching the news, they could themselves try to commit a murder and think they would get away with it. As an investigator, you need to be on your toes and be…show more content…
Say a man or woman was witnessed shooting, stabbing, or even running over a member of his family or a stranger. The man or woman would be interviewed, anyone who was around that witnessed the crime take place would be interviewed by the investigators so they could make sure that no details were left out. Sometimes when an investigator is doing their investigation the suspect may not be known or you might not have enough evidence against the suspect to identify them as the murderer. If this happens then the investigation may go on for a long time sometimes even years before more enough information is found or the investigation can be officially given up on. Investigators will follow up on tips made by witnesses or through the community and individuals who know anything about a murder are encouraged to contact law enforcement in an effort to bring the criminal to justice. There are many types of investigative techniques that are used that have been around for a long time that has not gone away over time. In the next section I will explain a couple of techniques that are used and why. I will also talk about newer types of techniques that have been developed and how they are used to better the Investigator on their…show more content…
Fingerprint Matching is an older style of identifying a suspect with a modern twist. Now days, everything is on a computer and takes a couple of minutes to hours. In the old days it took a trained person days sometimes weeks. Next is “Toxicology”, Toxicologists were developed to identify small amounts of poisons and other substances through a series of tests. Both of these techniques are an older style that has been developed over time. With technology evolving every day, techniques are getting more and more advanced. With the new techniques it is making it easier for investigators to find suspects and the victims. Some of the new methods include “Gas Chromatography” Gas Chromatography separates substances found in chemicals. This will allow Investigators to find trace amounts of chemicals found at the crime scene and on the body. The next technique is “Mass Spectrometry”. Mass Spectrometry measures the mass of molecules. It is a more advanced type of Toxicology because it finds even the smallest trace of poison. Both Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry can help with the collection of evidence from a crime scene that could not be collected at the

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