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Unit 3 Project Gloria Allred Gloria Allred is a famous Discrimination Lawyer/Feminist Lawyer in the nation today. She was born July 3, 1941 an only child in a working class home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has a B.A. with honors in English from University of Pennsylvania, has a M.A. from New York University and her J.D. cum laude from Loyola University School of Los Angeles and has an Honorary J.D. from the University Of West Los Angeles School Of Law. She has been in a lot of high profile cases like the sexual abuse suits against the Catholic Church which a lot of lawyers would not even to have the courage to even go against because it is the Catholic Church of all places but she was found her inner strength and went forward with her clients and fought the case and did not stop fighting until she got her victory that her client disserved and very much needed. She has also been in cases such as O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, and Robert Blake, but she does not just handle high profile cases she has also handled work sexual harassment, race, age, and gender cases. Every women wish they had the courage to go up against their O.J or Scott Peterson I am one of them women I had a boyfriend that beat me so bad that I was in the hospital and my family was wondering if I was going to make it. I was watching the court channel in the hospital and I heard Gloria Allred make this statement to all women of abuse: “To the victims of domestic violence, I say, think of you as strong, not weak. Remember the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Women are like tea bags- they never know how strong they are until they get into hot water.” That statement made me cry that is when I found my inner strength and courage to leave and make my own life and since then no man can treat me like that again and that is what I feel Gloria Allred does for her clients gives them the

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