Globolization In Nigeria Development Essay

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GLOBILIZATION & NIGERIA DEVELOPMENT: ANALTYTICAL REVIEW ABSTRACT The world has witnessed increased interdependence in the last two decades, thanks to globalization. The development trend in contempory world system is GLOBILIZATION, which is being driven by a new of technology, strong policy and competition that is unparralled in the history of human kind. Our paper recognizes the existence of a global environment that is deeply embedded in interdependency, and the necessity for Nigeria to minimize the adverse effects of globalization while harnessing whatever its benefits for national development Nigeria has not benefited fully from globalization due to monocultural export, inability to attract increased foreign investment and huge indebtness. But globalization can be domesticated in the country through diversification of export, debt reduction and expanded development cooperation’s with other countries. All this accomplished, Nigeria can fully benefit from Globilization. INTRODUCTION Over the part two decades, world output has been expanding and many countries are benefiting from increased cross- border trade and investment. Globalization constitutes a mega trend in global political economy and emergent of social politic and development transformation. In this paper we attempt an exploration of globalization and its implication for development process. The effect of globization on Nigeria development. To accomplish this task, the paper is separated into parts: 1. an overview of globalization 2. history of Globalization 3. Critics of Globalization. 4. Forces of Globilization. 5. Forces of globalization 6. Measurement of Globalization. 7. Nigeria Profile. 8. Analytical Review of globalization on Nigeria development & it experience. The paper in its conclusion submits that Nigeria should completely restructure and transform it political economy in

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