Globilization Essay

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Globalization “Globalization can be described as the combined influences of trade liberalization, market integration, international finance and investment, technological change, the increasing distribution of production across national boundaries and the emergence of new structures of global governance”(FTNG, 2010, para.1). Globalization is when people, companies and governments interact with other countries. This stems from international trade. In order to make a product that will sell all over the world, Procter and Gamble does research in other countries to see what those potential customers like to buy. They study the preferences of those customers. Then they change their products to fit those customer’s expectations. Doing this helps them to keep their customer base in different places all over the world. Technology If there are changes in the market environment and technology, then the management functions within a company could change. This could also be due to the growth of the company. As changes are made in technology, companies must change with it so that they will continue to remain competitive. Technology is constantly changing so companies have to try even harder to stay ahead. This is done by the decisions that a company chooses to go with. For a company that has been around for a while, it is best to change their old mainframes with the newer technology. This will allow them to keep up with more consumer demands. The company must examine the technology needs of the customers within the business. The different types of hardware to use would need to be decided. The skill levels of the employees would need to rise so that they could operate using the new technology. Training to use the newer technology would need to be put in place to ensure that the equipment is used properly. The management

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