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Immigration • The US admits about 660,000 legal immigrants per year (1998 figures). • The Immigration Act of 1990 allows for 480,000 immigrants with family in the US; 140,000 immigrants in needed employment fields; and the rest under per-country limits and diversity limits. • Foreign-born people accounted for 8% of the US population in the 1990 census; in the decades prior to 1930, the figure was 13%. • About 5 million illegal aliens reside in the US (1996 figures). • 55% of all illegal aliens come from Mexico. (Other Latin American countries account for another 20%). • 40% of all illegal aliens live in California. (TX, NY, FL, and IL account for the next 40%). • The illegal alien population is growing by about 275,000 each year. • The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) runs the Border Patrol as well as interior enforcement. Immigration Advocacy • Pro-immigration advocates sometimes accuse anti-immigration advocates of racism, because of the large Hispanic component of current immigration. In that view, immigration restrictions are seen as limiting growth of the Hispanic population. • Anti-immigration advocates often seek Official English status (the US has no official language), which would enforce assimilation of non-English speaking immigrants. Similarly, anti-immigration advocates seek to terminate Bilingual Education, which is currently funded in school systems with large non-English-speaking populations. Immigration Buzzwords • The biggest components of the immigration debate is how many legal immigrants to allow, and how to prevent illegal immigration. • Liberals and libertarians generally oppose restricting immigration. Look for buzzwords like "promote diversity" to define the liberal attitude, or "we're a nation of immigrants" to define the libertarian attitude. Any reference to providing illegal immigrants with services

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