Globalization – What, Why, and How to Measure Essay

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GLOBALIZATION – WHAT, WHY, AND HOW TO MEASURE Niko Schlamberger1,2 Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia Summary Globalization is considered to be a relatively new phenomenon and is consequently neither well defined nor well understood. Normally it is economic globalization that is thought to be worth of study and observation. It is only naturally to study it from this angle as we are used to economic statistics of all kinds and we are thus exploring a territory where we feel relatively confident. While it is true that this is an important point of view as it has vast economic consequences it is also true that just this point of view does not provide an answer regarding other, possibly less agreeable consequences of globalization. Just to illustrate: why would crowds violently demonstrate during summits in different parts of the world if globalization is beneficial to all? There must be something more to it than meets the eye. Indeed there is and it is an intention of this contribution to try to provide a comprehensive look at the phenomenon. Neither is it new nor is it limited to economy and economic domain alone. While it is true that this is probably the easiest way to apply statistics to it, there is much more to do if we want to at least try to outline a near satisfactory picture. First comes the problem of definition. There are only first attempts to define the economic globalization, but this is not nearly enough to encompass the whole picture. So an acceptable definition to suit economic aspects, but also other ones, must be provided in the first place. Then there comes the question of measurement: why would we want to measure globalization? There is a general answer that statistics measures everything, so why not globalization as well. As every measurement has its price and its purpose we will try to provide a better reason

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