Globalization: the Cons and Pros Essay

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The processes of globalization are constant and even irreversible today. We can observe their results in all spheres of people’s life. In spite of that the questions of globalization invoke more and more discussions. So how can we explain what globalization is? There are lots of its definitions. For some people globalization is associated with erasing of broads between countries, simplifying and speedup of making bargains. For others it’s creating, development and spreading of unified culture and values. Generalizing different opinions we can note that globalization is a condition when the entire world functions as a single system and each country makes own and special contribution into its work. Of course it’s impossible to define uniquely whether globalization is good or bad. It has lots of supporters and opponents. Let’s have a look at the influence of this process on different aspects of modern life and try to note its positive and negative sides. First globalization has a great influence on state economics. The appearance of multinationals is one of its consequences. Today all the world knows lots of different brands. Wherever you are, you’ll more likely have an opportunity to eat at a fast-food restaurant MacDonald’s. You can wash down your dinner with Coca Cola or Lipton tea. As you see products of multinationals is offered in every country practically. These firms offer a great amount of working places. Corporations are engaged in charity sometimes. But at the time the multinationals prosper little firms often incur losses. Actually it’s sometimes very difficult to resist in competition with worldly recognized companies. As a result there is some aggregation and concentration of capitals in the hands of multinationals’ leaders. Though there is a question if it’s that bad? The business of such companies is quiet stable; therefore it promotes in some ways

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