Globalization at Komatsu

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Globalization at Komatsu Yoshino M.Y. (April 2010) 1 Agenda Company background  Historical Perspective  Corporate Values (the Komatsu’s Way)  Implementing the Komatsu Way Globally  Globalization Challenges and Recommendations – Business  Globalization Challenges and Recommendations – Cultural  Conclusion  References  Q&A  2 Company Background       Established - May 13, 1921 Corporate Office - Tokyo, Japan Main Business - Manufacture and sale of construction and mining equipment, utilities, forest machines and industrial machinery Komatsu Group - Consists of Komatsu Ltd., and 183 other companies, with locations all over the world Number of Employees (Consolidated) – Over 41,000 Annual Net Sales (Consolidated)- For the year ended March 31, 2011 - 22.206 billion U.S. dollars 3 4 Historical Perspective – Early Days 1921 Through the 1950s     When and Where Founded? - Komatsu Ltd. was founded in 1921 by Mr. Meiatro Takeuchi on the western coast of Japan in Komatsu town Original Purpose - Small repair shop for European made mining equipment Original Vision - Mr. Takeuchi defined for the company a vision consisting of four principles—(1) overseas expansion, (2) quality first, (3) technology innovation, and (4) human resource Early Expansion – Komatsu expanded early on to repairing and then producing agricultural machinery, followed in the 1930 by production of military equipment, and after WWII, construction equipment 5 Historical Perspective – Early Days 1921 Through the 1950s  Competitive Environment- A protected market and the dramatic economic growth that began in the 1950s, allowed the company to grow rapidly, and emerge as the industry leader in Japan with more than 50% market share (construction equipment)  Quality - Komatsu’s

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