Globalization and Its Negative Power

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How has Globalization affected world business? It has more negative effects than it does positive, there seems to be no information that overpowers the list of downfalls produced by globalization. Economically, the United States is dramatically feeling the effects and is fighting to maintain such conflicts without much success. Globalization has spread through the world like wildfire, affecting everyone and one of the biggest it has had, is on businesses. In Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, they have had one of the most dramatic affects caused by globalization; they have had an enormous boom in IT and give India’s economy a positive future.(Schifferes, 2007) It has a very drastic affect on global businesses, that it can send your business booming or cause it to lose everything. The negative are tremendously large globally and having rapid affect on others. Such examples of the down side of globalization are; Shares have continuously begun to drop through and through, showing no signs of resurrection in the near future. Finding a job has become tremendously hard due to layoffs and loss of businesses. Without the cash flowing in manufacturers are taking hazardous measures in order to produce cheaper goods, such risks are the use of prisoners and child labors without caution to safety. With the window of opportunity wide open because of the economic down fall on many businesses, terrorists have greater access to weapons and to afflict deadly damage. The expansion of McDonalds and KFC endangers the health worldwide with greasy foods and cheap dollar menus. Diseases have a better chance of being spread now days because of the increase of travel globally. Price rise all over has made many governments unable to maintain a stable welfare for citizens in various developed countries. As if it were all part of a ripple effect. (Pillai, 2008) Where did globalization
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