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Behavioral Science Task 1 Anthropology Examples of Globalization’s impact Globalization effects of mobile phones in India The introduction of cell phones has had a huge impact on India. According to the article India: The Impact of Mobile Phones (2009), less than a fourth of the population had electricity, less than 30% of roads are paved and fixed or landlines where scarce averaging one fixed line per 100 people (Desai, 2006). Due to the countries, poor economic status the infrastructure required to increase the availability of fixed lines was expensive and extensive and therefore physically and financially prohibited such expansion. In approximately 1995 with changes in governmental policies, cell phones were introduced in the country. The accessibility of cell phones has transformed communications; decreased cost associated with obtaining the devices and has had a significant impact on the countries economy. According to Tenhunen, 2008, there were 130 million mobile phones in the country in 2006 and it was estimated that there would be more than 300 million users by the year 2011. Introduction of fast food to China Western fast food chains entered the Asian market in 1987 when the owners of KFC opened the first fast-food restaurant in China (McWilliams, 2010). McDonald’s was not far behind opening its first chain in this country in 1990 (McWilliams, 2010). The growth of fast food chains in China has been rapid. In 2013, KFC owners opened its 4,000th restaurant (FlorCruz, 2013). The popularity of the chains are for many reasons. One is due to busier lifestyles. Purchasing fast food is much quicker than planning, preparing and eating a meal at home. Business people rushed for time can pick up a quick meal and eat it at their desk and more women are working outside of the home so the convenience of fast food is difficult

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