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Does Globalization have double edge? The author of the article, Mr. Nayan Chanda, has given direct and affirmative answer. From his perspective, Globalization does harm the environment globally. In his article, Globalization has accelerated the process of deforestation and contributed to global warming. Besides, Mr. Nayan Chanda also pointed out that environmental pollution is hard to restrict within country boards, which shows that the pollution that brought by Globalization is a global issue. After doing sufficient research and careful thinking, I agree with Mr. Nayan Chanda’s views regarding on Globalization. Free trade across countries generates economic growth, but it also brings environmental pollution. Globalization causes environmental degradation in various ways and I will talk about it through deforestation and global warming. Globalization plays quiet an important role in accelerating deforestation through direct and indirect ways. Tremendous consumption of forest products encourages timber companies to increase their supply, which, in turn, causes unrestrained logging (Forest Products Annual Market Review 2013 – UNECE). For example, wood is widely used all over the world in areas like DIY, building and paper. The demand of wood is higher than the supply due to the fact that trees take time to grow. This contributes to deforestation as companies are profit oriented and the government failed to encourage reservation and reforestation. Besides, a large portion of land that used to be covered by forest has also been used for industrial or agricultural purpose as Globalization puts a lot of emphasis on import and export. For example, the removal of forest to make way for cattle ranching was the leading cause of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon form the mid-1960s. Recently, soybeans have become one of the most contributors to deforestation in the

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