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Globalization Essay

  • Submitted by: JRURBINA
  • on December 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Demosthenes T. Urbina   Jr, RN

Western Governors University

Demosthenes T. Urbina Jr
Issues in behavioral Science
November 24, 2013

Globalization and modernization play a major role in a nation’s development. In today’s modern world, the drive for cheaper labor and lower cost of business fees has made many western corporations turn to countries such as China and the United Arab Emirates to invest their capital. Their presence both brings a positive and negative outcome and greatly influences the course of the nation.
In 1978 Chinas leaders reformed their   economic policy in order to revitalize their stagnant economy. The reform included liberizing foreign trade and investment . This event paved the way for   foreign manufacturing companies to be able to operate in China. Pre 1978 life in china was plaque by poverty, famine,and   income inequalities.
Chinas low cost of   labor has propelled the nation’s economic growth into the new century, but in turn   usually undermines the individual who is providing that labor. Factories such as Foxconn and Jabil are able to offer major corporation such as DELL, Apple, and IBM low price for labor and in turn   usually translates to the laborer working long hours, unfair wages , and   unethical practices by the factory. A recent probe by the Apple company   has revealed in its investigations that one of factory that produces the Iphone 5 has broken many labor laws by making workers work 12 hours a day with only two 30 minute brakes six days a week (Bradshaw, 2013). This translates to three times the legal amount of overtime permissible by Chinese law. The workers are paid low wages and by only working   over a hundred hours overtime each month can they make the average amount of wages needed to survive ( Arthur & Garside , 2013). Due the gross human resources   available, China has transformed   into the second largest manufacturing nation in the world earning the title as “world factory” (...

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