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GLOBALIZATION At least, five broad conceptions can be distinguished. These definitions are in some ways related and, to some extent ,overlapping, but their emphases are substantially different. One common notion has conceived globalization in terms of internationalization :  global = simply another adjective to describe cross-border relations between countries  globalization = designates a growth of international exchange and interdependence → evidence can be found in enlarged movements between countries of people, diseases, messages and ideas. 2nd usage, globalization as liberalization :  a process of removing state-imposed restrictions on movements between countries in order to create an 'open', 'borderless' world economy → evidence = in recent decades can be found in the widespread reduction or even abolition of regulatory trade barriers, foreign-exchange restrictions, capital controls, and (for citizens of certain sates) visas. 3rd usage, globalization as universalization :  The verb globalize = to universalize and foresee a planetary synthesis of cultures  Global = worldwide  Globalization = the process of spreading various objects and experiences to people at all corners of the earth → evidence = in this sense we could have a globalization of automobiles, Chinese restaurants, decolonization, and much more. 4th usage, globalization as westernization or modernization (especially in an Americanized form) :  Globalization = is a dynamic whereby the social structures of modernity (capitalism, rationalism, industrialism, bureaucratism, individualism, and so on) are spread the world over  Globalization = in this sense can be described as an imperialism of MacDonald's, Hollywood 5th usage, globalization as respatialization  Globalization = entails a reconfiguration of social geography with increased

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