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Title: 'Despite the view of many optimists, there are clearly losers as well as winners from the process of globalization.' Evaluate this statement. Introduction Globalization is a phenomenon which has been revealed gradually since the early twentieth century. In the present days, it has become the primary feature and brought such a wide influence to us. Some people think that globalization is the greatest invention, some people see its negative effects. The purpose of this research project is to analyze the advantages and disadvantages that globalization brings and to identify which groups benefit, or suffer, from its development. This project has been divided into three main sections. In the first part, the literature view, the definition of globalization will be explained. Also, the reasons for the economic globalization occurring will be introduced. In the second section, the effects of globalization will be evaluated. Finally, conclusion and recommendation will be drawn concerning the experiences of learning from the research project, and give out some advice about how to resist negative influences in the process of globalization. Literature Reviews The definition of globalization There is no uniform definition for globalization. '' In general, globalization means cross-border flows of goods and capital'' (Scholte 2000). The cross-border flow of goods and capital is the original form of globalization. Theodre·Levitt (1985) first put forward that due to the high and new technology, especially information technology and its development of industries, leading to transport and communication cost greatly reduced, directly promoting international trade, investment, finance and other economic factors to configurate and optimize in the worldwide, make whole economic unprecedented ties together and be integration gradually. The reasons of

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