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Artrial Mayo Rebekah Starnes English 100 3 August 2012 WP3 Rough Draft In this essay “Globalization of Eating Disorders” Susan Bordo discus how eating disorders have spread across the globe. She claims that the globalizations of eating disorders are due to the media like television shows, advertisement, music videos and magazines. She gives great details and examples of how eating disorders are no longer just a typical white girl thing. She even reminds us that it is not just in America the title of the essay clearly states that Bordo really gave me something to think about. This disorder thing is affecting the entire world not just the Americans, Africa, China, and Fiji. Bordo shows that when these cultural were introduced to the Western media they no longer thought voluptuous women were of value anymore. They wanted to be thin. Bordo proves that this disorder is skyrocketing now more than ever. I can relate to her in so many ways. As a young child growing up in the church I loved to sing and one my favorite singers was Whitney Huston. I would tell my mom that I was going to be just like her when I got skinner. I thought that if I was skinny like she was I could push out more powerful notes as she did. Watching her videos seem to make it even worst for me as a child. I wanted to try everything I thought that would help me lose the weight. My aunt even told me not to worry it was baby fat and I would lose it as I got older. Bordo says that Tenisha Williamson feels fat after watching the Lady Marmelade video. Tenisha thinks that she is gross a dough girl(282) As a child I was that fat kid that wanted to look like every other skinny girl in my family and at school. At school it always seems as if the skinny white girls were

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