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In today’s society many people are affected by the phenomenon of globalization. For many people of different ethnic back ground, race and religion get very comfortable living in a community where we can relate to the people and environment where there are similar values, backgrounds, views and interest occurs, people flock to areas on the basics of cultural affinity for a feeling of security and similarities. For this reason it is unlikely to find location that has been unaffected by globalization; however globalization is the process of interaction and integration among, companies, government of different nations driven by trade. In “I Just Work Here” by Russell Leigh Sharman and Cheryl Harris Sharman the authors explain the effects globalization has on peoples cultural identity when they described the struggles Alam endured when his left his family in his native Bangladesh. Alam a night shift worker in Penn Station came to the US a place where most people think is “heaven” describes the difficultly living away from his wife and daughter who he loves and misses dearly, he is also always thinking about bringing his family to be with him but also is forced to consider the length of time and how very expensive it will cost. He is also describes that making $200 in his native home is not enough to support his family; however by him being in him United States he can not only supports his immediate family, he is also able to provide for his extended family as well; he went on to say in his country “when one person have a job many people eats.”The authors also describe “Lamine” the West African from Senegal who works the night shift at a bakery in Penn Station. Like many people Lamine immigrated to the United States after winning the “American lottery for applicants.” Lamine worked the night shift at Penn Station which allowed him to take classes in telecommunication at

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