Globalisation, Teaching and Education Essay

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EDP416 Professional Practise of Educators Socio-cultural Pedagogical Situation and Initiative Globalization, Teaching and Education Name: Pippa Wiedemann Student Number: n5721377 Unit: EDP416 Professional Practise of Educators Assessment: Assessment Item 2: Socio-cultural Pedagogical Situation and Initiative Tutor: Peter O’Brien Due Date: 5th October 2012 GLOBALISATION, TEACHING AND EDUCATION This assignment identifies a specific school-based socio-cultural pedagogical Situation likely to be encountered by a graduate teacher in the area of ‘globalisation, teaching and education.’ In response to this situation, a Pedagogical Initiative has been developed and discussed to address the problem with intent to either resolve, or at least ameliorate, its negative impact(s) on teaching and learning in the school. A theoretically-informed Rationale supports both the Initiative and the Situation in the assignment. The socio-cultural pedagogical situation is set in a large suburban state high school, located 40km north of Brisbane. In common with many outer suburbs of Brisbane, low-cost housing developments have been established in the area and as a result, a significant number of the school’s student population are from Indigenous or minority cultures and/or from low socioeconomic backgrounds. It is the final semester for a cohort of Year 10’s. The year advisor has taken long service leave and I have stepped into the role for the last term of the year. During a lunchtime year level meeting, I guide the Year 10’s through subject selections and choices about their senior school future. The problem is, out of over 100 students, the predominance of students from Indigenous and minority cultures are refusing to complete subject selections for Year 11 or make alternate decisions regarding their future. The general consensus from the
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