Globalisation and Internet Essay

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Globalization is a buzzword in the current market and its introduction and use of its process has significantly increased over the last decade. Advances in technology and Internet have played a crucial part in rapid global expansion and as a result we have seen a tremendous boom in extended markets as organizations are looking for global strategy. Due to the pressures for global integration, advances in marketing tools and technological infrastructure has become a vital part of business strategy to utilize its activities in order to maintain a strong competitive stance in the market. In my current field of work the Internet has been a valuable strategy for improved and efficient means of conducting business enabled by technology (and therefor enhancing a more globalized structure within and for the organization) and therefor we have seen a drastic improvement in business connectivity globally. According to Yip and Dempster (2005) the Internet has become a key component in establishing success, growth and sustainability. With the rise of the internet and continual rapid advances in technology, I have seen a significant improved impact on our level of service for conducting business globally and thus making us more cost effective, more efficient and better accessible to world wide markets. The greatest area that has been impacted is the efficient means of communication through use of Internet technology allowing our business to transfer data at real time and communicate with investors and buyers without the need for large overheads and transport costs. According to Darley (2001), improved communication as a result of technological advances creates value for both customer and suppliers. Especially as barriers are removed and/or minimized allowing effective communication to take place globally and in real time. I have witnessed that globalization and use of
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