Globalisation and Belief Systems Essay

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Evaluate how globalisation has impacted on both change and resistance to change in one belief system you have studied. A belief system is an organised system of ideologies and beliefs a person or group of persons use to interpret and develop their own perception of the social, cultural, physical and psychological environment around, thus shaping their worldview. A belief system seeks to answer the fundamental questions of human existence such as “what is the mean of life” and provide a philosophical basis of which the accepted social norms, values, practices and beliefs are of a specific culture within a specific society. Globalisation is the process of creating a homogenous global identity by means of missionary activity, media attention, religious conquests, technological advancements and mass migration. Its impact upon Buddhism has effectively assisted in the spread of Buddhist ideologies and philosophies on a global level, overall beneficial to the belief system. As a result of constant exposure to the values, beliefs and mores of other societies and cultures, Buddhist traditional values, practices and rituals have changed, being altered to better suit the lifestyles of those in societies new to the belief system. Accordingly, the worldview of Buddhist followers has been also been impacted upon in response to these changes and global events such as the September 11 bombings of 2001 and social issues such as suicide, abortion and nationalism. However, this is not to say that all aspects of Buddhism have been changed as it is evident that some still provide resistance to change. In today’s modern world, rapid technological and social change occur globally, the effects of which are brought to the Buddhist belief system through globalisation. This creates several ethical dilemmas and moral issues, causing the role and value of gender, power and authority and the

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