Globalisation Essay

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International Study Centre ENGINEERING, COMPUTING and SCIENCE FOUNDATION YEAR ENGLISH FOUNDATION YEAR 2010-2011 TUTOR – Rachel Hitch NAME- Deep Chatterjee NUMBER-U1076106 Assignment : Extended Essay (Analysing Globalisation) DATE- 25/03/2011 WORD COUNT- Approx 1440 To begin with the topic of Globalisation, the whole topic being very broad of its kind, so this article tend to put highlights on culture, health, education, communication, business, logistics environment, employment, poverty, media, politics, technology, terrorism and we could even divide these into its subcategories. Most importantly we should know what globalisation stands for or how it could be described before we start analysing it. “Globalisation is a term that is frequently used but seldom defined. It refers to the rapid increase in the share of economic activity taking place across national boundaries.”(Firth. L, Issues) When ordinary people are asked to comment on globalisation, they say that we are worse off in our globalised world. Though we live in an era of globalisation, have we ever thought what this word could actually mean or whom could it be referred to?. They say this term is only meant for the developed countries as they have all powers to dominate a developing country, which is a good source of their income. The term globalisation has got a life of its own. Most people think that its an effort to bring the world closer together. But when we go deep into its meaning, we can see what it actually means. Ways need to be found to manage and structure globalisation so that it supports fundamental human rights and sustainable

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