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Globalisation is a process of worldwide integration and development arising from the exchange point of world views, products, ideas, and other influencing factor of the culture. Technology advance has make it easier for human to travel, dealing business and communicate with other internationally. There are two major factors that drive up the forces of globalization lately are telecommunication infrastructure advancing and the fast & widely-growth of the internet. Thus, it drives further independence of the cultural and economic activities. Globalisation has become a commonly feature in the world of economics; as a result, Pro-globalisation and Anti-globalisation groups have been formed. Pro-globalisation group point of view agree that globalisation has created lots of opportunities for everyone and to make the agents of the production to be efficient and productivity, therefore increased in competition. The two most well-known pro-globalization organisations in worldwide are the WTO (World Trade Organization) and WEF (World Economic Forum). However, there are also the existences of anti-globalisation. They believe that certain segment of the people who are lack of resources is not capable of functioning within the rising competitive pressure which will be brought by allowing their economics to be connected to worldwide. A few anti-globalisation organisations to be named are Greenpeace and Oxfam. In this report, we are going to look at “for” and “against” of globalisation in terms of local perspective and western perspective. “For” & “Against” Globalisation in Local Perspective Singapore, the only natural resources are the “people”. It has maintained a competitive workforce society till now. Singapore has constantly made a special attention such as providing sound education and giving training opportunities for the population. In this point of view,

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