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Examine the relationship between globalisation and crime. (33marks) Globalisation is the increase in interconnectedness of societies, so something that happens in one place can have an effect on another. There are various causes which globalisation has, for example the spread of ICT, as well as global mass media and cheap air travel etc. Held et al believes there has been a globalisation of crime, an increasing interconnectedness of crime across national borders; globalisation creates new opportunities for crime as well as new means of committing crime and new offences. Due to globalisation, Manuel Castells argues that there is global economy which is worth over ᆪ1 trillion per annum, forms of these crimes can consist of arms trafficking, smuggling of illegal immigrants, sex tourism, cyber-crimes, green crimes, international terrorism, smuggling of illegal goods, the drug trade, money laundering and more. This global economy has both a demand and supply side; the reasoning for this is the high demand of its products and services in the rich west. However without the supply side the global economy could not function, as the supply side provides the source of drugs, sex worker and other goods as well as service demands in the west. This causes the third world countries to rely of this production, this is an attractive option as it cost little investment for example in Colombia, an estimated 20% of their population depends on cocaine production to help them afford to be able to live, cocaine within Colombia outsell any other exports combined, however to be able to fully understand drug crime we cannot confine our attention merely to the countries where the drugs are consumed. Globalisation can cause problems such as global risk consciousness to arise, this is the belief that globalisation creates new insecurities and produces a new mentality of ' risk

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