Globalisation Essay

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The word globalisation has become one of the topical subjects for the entire world over the last ten years. Opinion is split weather this is positive or negative development. Obviously, there is no any written definition universally agreed to be the correct one. Choo, Halim and Kong-Howe (2010, p.102) support the view that ‘’it has come to mean different things for different people’’ depends on their values and personal views. Globalisation could be explained as a sustainable process of growth and interdependence among the countries in regards to cultures, politics, economy and technology. It is all about linking the whole world together and connecting people, process related to movement of goods, ideas and people and manufacturing of products. Globalisation describes the effect by which particular events, decisions and activities made in one part of the world have significant consequences to individuals in another part of the globe. Globalisation has a major impact over the whole world economy and Human Resource Management is one of the fields that have been affected. As a result of the rapid changes in the new global world the roles and responsibilities of Human Resource department are transforming periodically. The impacts on Human Resource Management caused by globalisation are enormous due to the continuous growth of global economy in particular managing international teams, mixing the cultures across the borders and increasing diversity in the workforces. Managing international teams is one of the biggest challenges that Human Recourse Management needs to address in order to move the organization forward. In particular, creating an environment where workers are able to communicate and develop their personal skills by using international training programs and incentives that allow people to meet each other outside workplace. As Nelsen, Kowske and Anthony

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