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ES1102 English for Academic Purpose Essay Two (Draft 2) By Gerald Loo Wei Sheng A0103557J As globalisation and technological advances bring us hurtling towards a new integrated future, experts warn that not all people benefit equally. How can we (e.g., governments/ organisations/ individuals) overcome the challenge of a digital divide to achieve globalisation inclusivity? Globalization is the process of expanding social circles and relationships internationally (Al-Rodhan, Nayef and Stoudmann, 2006). It also encompasses the integration of technology, communication and products. Globalization is often encouraged as it serves as a link in cultural and economic activities between different countries. This is evidenced by the opening of market in various countries therefore resulting in economic integration (Ghemawat, 2007). Though it is undeniable that globalization has brought about prosperity, options and opportunities to many countries, it has also resulted in the exclusion of some. Ruggie and Dossal, (2000) has concluded that the main reason behind this is because globalization is driven by new technology. Hence, it results in a widening gap between the developed and developing countries which is known as a digital divide. (Ruggie and Dossal, 2000) define a digital divide as the gap between those who have access to the Internet and those who do not, which includes the lack of availability of hardware, communication and knowledge. This digital divide causes significant problems in most developing countries. Most of the poorer countries are incapable of investing the money in technology to initial a startup. Therefore it will cause an economic disadvantage to these nations. This is due to the fact that it impacts on society at many levels. Cairncross and Poysti, (2003), has illustrated that a country without internet access may impact the quality of the

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