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This essay explores the concept of globalisation and whether it is beneficial to society. The essay will consist of the introduction, conclusion and three sections. Section one will define the main terms. Section two will explore the advantages of globalisation and section three considers the criticisms of globalisation. The main thrust is presented, as globalisation is good for society even though it does have some significant and dire consequences. This section looks to explore what globalisation is and define the main terms within the question. Globalisation is an abstract and complex idea; therefore it is difficult to have one general definition of the term. For some people globalisation refers to Americanization whereas to others it refers to integration of the world’s economies into one central global economy. (Pavcnik N. , 2011)The Oxford Dictionary defines it as ‘the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale.’ (Dictionary, 2012)There are however various factors, which are influenced by globalisation and each of these would provide different definitions of globalisation. These factors are political, economic, social, cultural and technological factors all of which help establish links between nations. (Webster, 2009)Furthermore it is also difficult to categorise the globe as one general society. Each society differs from one another, for example a society in Manhattan would face different effects of globalisation compared to a village in Uganda. Therefore the question itself is extremely complex as globalisation has various meanings, as does society itself. The rest of the essay will focus upon the social impact of globalisation. This next section investigates the social benefits of globalisation to society. It will focus on three social factors below even though

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