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In this present age, globalisation plays an essential role in our lives as it helps to connect and integrate the world into a single society, with the advancement of, transportation and communication systems. Despite this, the impacts of globalisation being a blessing or curse continue to spark heated debate among critics. Some people argue that globalisation has positive influences on our lives, but others think that it has negative impacts too. The huge advancements in telecommunications, particularly with the advent of the Internet, have created a host of problems that a society has to grapple with. It has led to the increasing loss of an individual’s right to privacy and the rise of cyber-bullying and identity theft. According to a report by Norton, at least 80% of the adult population in Singapore have been a victim of cybercrime. (Symantec, 2010-2011). Despite being dangerous in nature, it has also provides people with the platforms to voice their unhappiness and opinions. The recent Dinner en Blanc controversy would be a case in point. Organisers of Dinner en Blanc Singapore created a fuss when it posted a comment on its Facebook page, saying that local food was not permitted. (Mahtani, 2012) This sparked a heated debate among Singaporeans as they felt that the organisers have little respect for local cuisine. People began to rant on Facebook and even created an event, the ‘Super White’ picnic to oppose the organisers of the event. Eventually, local cuisine was allowed for the event but it must be self-prepared. Globalisation has indeed evolved the way crimes are conducted with the rise of the Internet, creating new societal problems to tackle with. However, it has also provided us with the platform to express our opinions and fight for the rights that we deserve. Undoubtedly, the dawn of globalisation has brought Westernisation upon Singapore.

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