Globalisation Essay

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Introduction: Globalisation makes society more competitive: Exchange, as a result of globalisation, has a close link to competition. Consequently, competition affords material for society’s advancement. Moreover, competition helps society to develop into a high speed. To a large extent, society is influenced by globalisation. In general, globalisation balances the gap among different region’s society. In other words, it means resource sharing. Accordingly, a conflict between advanced ideas and backward areas came into being when globalisation started. For example, a number of international companies choose to set up factories in developing countries and take possession of the local market. Therefore, the local company will confront the adversaries through a series of strategies which could be talent recruitment and fundraising. Indeed, the competition could be an effective way to make the local corporation be mature and strong as soon as possible. For these reasons, globalisation provides a contribution to the society’s development in some way. Globalisation makes society wealthier: Globalisation makes society unstable: Conclusion: To conclude, globalisation can be seen as an important partner of society, despite the fact that the bad effects of globalisation should not be ignored by us. In other words, society benefits from globalisation. In addition, the society’s advancement is preserved and accelerated by globalisation. As a consequence, globalisation will devote itself to society’s development in times to come, and that makes considerable contribution in society. References: Save the Children (date if known) ‘Globalisation’, in Globalisation, Donnellan, c.(ed.), (2002) vol.55, Independence p.1 Philippe Legrain (date if known) ‘Dump those prejudices’, in Globalisation,

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