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University Campus Suffolk School of Business, Leadership and Enterprise BA (HONS) BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Student ID: S146550 Module: Business Environment Level: 5 Assignment 2 (50% weighting) Assessor(s): Robert Price ------------------------------------------------- Date issued: w/c 26th September 2011 Hand in date: 26th April 2012, 12 noon Learning outcomes to be assessed in this assignment. Identify and evaluate the issues relating to investment, economic performance, growth and development. Critically evaluate the pristine capitalist view of business. Compare and critically evaluate the relative economic performance levels between countries. Required: Research one of the topics from the list below, and write a 2000 word essay (maximum, excluding bibliography) discussing the key issues that you have identified. 1) Using a framework that you are familiar with discuss how the United Kingdom may achieve a “virtuous circle” of growth and economic development. 2) Discuss the view that incorporating ethics into business decision making will only work against profitability. 3) Discuss the view that globalisation has not only significantly increased competition and business opportunities but also living standards. The essay is to be 2000 words (maximum) in length, excluding bibliography. A bibliography must be provided. Please submit your essay to the Assessment Office, first floor, and retain a copy of your assignment. Criteria for Assessment The criteria for assessment are shown overleaf. Graduate Key Skills C1b, C2a, N3a, N3b NOTE: PLEASE ATTACH THESE SHEETS TO YOUR COMPLETED ASSIGNMENT Assessment Grading Criteria Your work will be graded on the extent to which it meets these assessment criteria. Grades for assignments and examinations will be marked in accordance with degree

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