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Bryn Bartman 35339578 Final Essay HSY TOPIC 1. Does globalization really exist? Or have we just given a fancy name to old trends in global relations. I very much doubt that it is possible to give a straight forward yes or no answer to that question. There are thousands of pages full of different opinions and debates regarding globalization and its history. Global means worldwide, so globalization must incorporate the entire world in some way or another. Looking into different views of globalization and researching the meaning of globalization I came across exactly that, different views. The three main views that I have researched and tried my utmost to understand are the views of the Hyperglobalists who understand globalization “As a reordering framework of human action”1. Then there is Sceptics who see globalization as “Internationalization and regionalization”2. The third main view that I researched was the Transformationalists view on globalization. They understand globalization as “Reordering of interregional relations”3. Which view is the most correct one, if only we knew the answer to that. As we can see there is not a simple explanation to what exactly globalization is, but rather some very strong, different views. 1. Held et al. 1999, Global transformations. P10 2. Held et al. 1999, Global transformations. P10 3. Held et al. 1999, Global transformations. P10 When researching the meaning of globalization and looking into if it really does exist I came across the same definition in more than one source. I read it firstly in my Unisa study guide and then came across it again in an outside source. “Globalization is merely a new Buzzword”.4 Could globalization just be a big word given to the process of interaction and integration among the people, companies and governments of different nations, a practice that has been happening for

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