Global Warming Synthesis Essay

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Global Warming has been blamed for all most recent worldwide issues including a bigger number and severity of Harricane's higher temperatures and drought and various other environmental changes. Some issues that scientists, politics, and business people are using to curtail global warming may affect global politics and economics. Global warming are urgent question still of today, there are some key issues that leaders should consider when making policies to solve this. Global warming has affected many things that humans and leaders should be focused on, one of them are being the rising ocean temperature. Oceans are heating up over the past 130 years from 1880 to 2004 the graph shows that the temperatures has increased about 20° (Source B) For the nature that is a lot in that time of period, and this could affect us all which is why leaders should have this in mind when making global warming legislation, and that rising ocean levels could weak seaside communities. Many humans themselves had contributed together because of this global warming. "The United States and Australia, which together account for one-quarter of the world's greenhouse-gas emissions, did not." (Source A) United States is yet a small portion of the whole entire world, but yes they are helping. Since humans as in our society have contributed so much to global warming, it helped protect the environment and of course to keep it from getting worse. The leaders need to remember this, when deciding on our comprehensive legislation should be. Finally, knowing that the United States are the one who is being a big helping hand to global warming it is a good thing. There are 141 nations that are working past the United States at least in terms of environmental issues. "Eighteen states, including power hogs California and Texas, have set requirements or goals for renewable energy."
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