Global Warming Research Outline

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Research Paper Outline Daft 1: A Greener Future • Introduction Paragraph o Paragraph 1 • For many years now, a need for an environmentally friendly future has arisen due to the suspicion of global warming and the extinction of some species. Some believe that the biggest reason for a greener future is because of global warming and its effect that it has had so far on our environment. Others, however, believe that global warming is a false understanding, in that the planet will naturally tend to get warmer and warmer as time goes on. The conflicting sides tend to create a tremendous debate, even though; the use of greenhouse gases has been proven to be detrimental to the planet’s atmosphere. Currently, the people of the world do not seemed to be worried about this problem. It is not their problem since they will most likely not live to see the horrors of global warming. The younger generations, on the other hand, will live to see that day. We, as children and students, will live to view the terrible outcome and the only way to stop it is to think green. Major changes are needed in the world today are needed to stop the act of global warming. Many forms of ground-breaking technologies are flooding today’s consumer market in effort to help save the planet. Sadly, there are minimal buyers. As of right now, this technology is either impractical or too expensive. • Body Paragraphs (order of main points will be switched around depending on what flows best in the reading and writing of the paper.) o Main point 1: How we got to where we are today. • Pollution • Fossil fuels • Nuclear power plants o Main point 2: What is in store for the future of our planet? • Explain the major problems that are already starting to happen • Ice caps beginning to melt • Polar bears and other species becoming extinct. • Warmer climates o Main point 3: What companies are

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